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Israel Shalev, Founder

Israel Shalev, the founder of Israel Shalev & Co. Law Firm, received his law degree from Tel Aviv University, and his Masters degree (LL.M) from Bar-Ilan University. Israel, has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1996.
Israel started his career as an intern at S. Horowitz & Co. and then went on to found the Graus Shalev & Co. partnership law firm, which constituted the basis for the establishment of Israel Shalev & Co., Law Firm.
Israel has extensive, in-depth experience in civil and commercial litigation, as well as in the various aspects of commercial law and he personally accompanies each of the firm`s clients in order to guarantee the the best professional services.
In this capacity, Israel Shalev regularly represents Israel`s leading companies and business elite in Israel and abroad. For representation of his clientel, which includes, Mr. David Apple, Mr. Arcadi Gaydamak, Nitsba Group, Dash Apex group, Indra Sistemas Group, Abulafia family, theaters and others. Israel has received substantial media attention.
Adv. Shalev is fluent in both Hebrew and English.

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