Israel Shalev & Co. law firm specializes in diverse areas of expertise - including corporate and commercial law, contracts, proprietary and banking law, real estate transactions, infrastructure, administrative law, tenders and pertinent petitions.
The civil and commercial litigation services we provide based on extensive experience and constitute the backbone of the firm.
This activity involves, incorporates - and constitutes a key part of Israel Shalev & Co.s activities in the commercial sphere. In this framework, Israel Shalev & Co. specializes in providing creative solutions for complicated legal issues, both in the framework of commercial and civil litigation and in finding creative and practical solutions to complex commercial transactions, while providing our clients with ongoing consultation.
Inter alia, Israel Shalev & Co. offers legal advice and assessments, preparation of agreements, representation in the various courts, including arbitration proceedings, filing petitions in the Supreme Court, accompaniment and management of transactions in our various areas of expertise, in Israel and abroad. These include: Real estate investment and financing, representation and conducting of negotiations vis-à-vis government authorities, ongoing representation and accompaniment of various business entities, enterprises, and corporations, etc

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