Founded in 1998, Israel Shalev & Co. Law Firm deals in all aspects of civil and commercial law, while integrating in-depth legal knowledge and extensive experience in various business spheres.  
Our goal at Israel Shalev & Co. is to provide our clients with personalized, dedicated and discreet service, expressed in the type of relationships which we have with our clients. Our services are provided through dynamic and creative thinking, alongside exceptional dedication and skill and unwavering professional commitment to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives.
Israel Shalev & Co. comprises eight attorneys and 4 interns. Israel Shalev & Co. is led by Adv. Israel Shalev, the founder of the firm. Israel Shalev graduated with honors from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and has a Masters degree from Bar - Ilan University. Adv. Israel Shalev began his career as an intern at S. Horowitz, a leading Israeli law firm, and later, established Israel Shalev and Co., Law Firm a fast and steadily growing firm.  
Work on each and every case is goal-oriented and characterized by constructing an educated strategy, combined with creative and in-depth legal reasoning. Israel Shalev & Co. makes extensive use of teamwork and pertinent and fruitful brainstorming, as we believe, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our advocates provide a wide range of legal services to a long list of clients, including some of Israel`s leading companies international companies operating in Israel, prominent businessmen in the Israeli and international business arena, construction and infra-structure companies, real estate corporations, gas companies, and private clients.
We are regarded by the legal community as a leading “boutique” firm, specializing in commercial litigation, in-depth handling of complex cases and utalizing our thorough and creative team of advocates. Many of the cases handled by Israel Shalev & Co., have been high profile cases, which received wide media coverage, whereas others have been kept under a veil of secrecy, as needs dictate.
Inter alia, our clients include Mr. Arcadi Gaydamak (Aryeh Bar – Lev), Mr. David Apple, Mr. Arcadi Gaydamak, Aboulafia family, Nitsba Group, Amot Investments Company Ltd., Dash Apex group; Indra Sistemas S.A. of Spain, active in Israel in the traffic and defense industries spheres, Medan group, one of Israel’s largest corporations in the quarry and infrastructure sector, Yiddishpiel theater, as well as many other clients from the Israeli and international business communities.
Israel Shalev & Co. relentlessly pursues development and innovation in order to provide our clients with the best legal services

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